Goals for 2013

Complete IronMan

Though a grueling feat, i would like to complete an Ironman triathlon, some time in the next year.

Swim English Channel

Fewer people have swam the English Channel then have climbed Mt Everest. I intend to do both. But for this year, it’s the English Channel.

Travel Europe

Backpacking across Europe with a cheap motorcycle sounds like the best way to spend some time this year.

Create Top 25 Selling Mobile App

My future ventures will need some sort of funding. So I intend to start a mobile application company. Within the next year, having at least one application reach the top 25 in its respective market. (android || Iphone || Windows)($1 -$3 Million)

Win a Memory Championship

No challenge of strength or industry would be complete without the challenge of mind. This year, I intend to complete and win a memory championship.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Look out for the creepy Jon guy. If you see him bniehd you, bike faster. He’s kinda weird. haha!I can’t wait to track you! I wish I could make it there. I would your social networking coordinator if I was. The first picture is epic. You totally need to strike that pose as your finish line photo. I know you’ll be smiling as you cross that finish line

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